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Learn driving with New Wave Driving School


Learning to drive is exciting. But the New Wave Driving School, the best Driving school Wembley makes it even more fun with the help of qualified and encouraging instructors. Whether you are 17 years old beginner or have decided to excel in driving skills in the later years of life, you can get the best Driving lessons Wembley under one roof for all kinds of driving expertise. The exhilarating experience of controlling the steering wheel is also very unnerving and this is why a professional coaching is a must to monitor your learning. At, Driving lessons Wembley, there is no stopping to learning. The range of courses which are offered by school are useful for beginners, instructors and the professional drivers alike.

Whether you are new to this experience, have been driving for many years or have decided to make a living in driving, you can find the suitable instruction methods and trainings at Driving school Wembley. The courses are altered and tailored to match your skills and your aspirations. We put emphasis on the individual students and the learning starts from evaluating the currents skills of the students. Personal attention and one to one coaching makes us a reputable driving school in London.

Driving As Career:

Apart from a useful skill which is utilized for personal mobility, driving is also an excellent career opportunity. So, at Driving school Wembley, the aspirants of advance level driving license are also trained under different courses. For example the PCV training in Wembley supervises the driving skills of students on the passenger carrying vehicles. The basic feature is that we try to give you much of a real experience of road driving and the test day stress. When you get the beginner experience with Bus driving school Wembley, the chances of employment increase due to your polished expertise. You demonstrate better acknowledgement of the responsibility towards the passengers and road safety. Safety is always the first priority and it is more emphasized in the PCV training in Wembley.

Offering another expert level driving lesson, LGV driving school London sharpens your skills and bring them up to the level to be able to control heavy weight trailers and trucks. When you learn the technique of keeping the balance and managing the weight of vehicle, you are actually working towards a better career option as the LGV driver.

Learners are always welcome and can bring any type of queries to us and we will happily resolve them.



Our Special Offer

Driving lessons with the New Wave Driving School are very competitively priced, offering at 4 driving lessons for just 70.

Student discount available

Students can get 15% discount for driving lessons when you book with New wave driving School. To get your discount show your NUS card or UCAS card at the first lesson.

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