CAT C Licence

CAT C Licence – Vehicles in excess of 3500kg with trailers under 750kg

A CAT C licence allows drivers to drive any vehicles weighing 32 tonnes. Once you have passed your CAT C licence test and you want to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes then you will need to pass the CAT C1 licence for HGV driving. Your CAT C licence training helps you in passing your final assessment with ease and allows you to reach for other upgraded licences in the future.

If you think that you hold a CAT B licence for driving a car and you can easily pass your CAT C licence as well then you are wrong. All the techniques and tricks of driving a LGV are different and much advanced. Starting from the gear box till the rules and regulations of the road, everything is different and needs to be known.

CAT C licence

“New Wave Driving School helped me train for my CAT C licence and pass without a problem. They make the whole process simple and easy. Thank you!”

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for a CAT C Licence

To start off with, you must be at least the age of 18 and you must hold a valid CAT B licence for driving a car. These two foremost requirements cannot be ignored while considering your CAT C licence. After that you need to go for various medical tests in order to be pronounced fit to drive a HGV on the road.

Once you clear all your medical tests you will have to fill out your documentation and forms and send them to respective authorities. Final step will be you sitting for a theoretical and practical exam where the examiner will assess your driving skills and knowledge about various rules and regulations of driving a HGV.

Why Choose New Wave Driving School for CAT C Licence Training?

Sometimes people tend to choose schools that don’t meet the standards of the LGV driving industry, just to save a little money and as a result they are bound to spend even more money in re-tests and re-applying various applications and forms. To save you from the hassle we have designed a course where you can train under the best professional instructors so that you can save money in the long run as well as pass your CAT C licence in the first attempt. We train you so that you can easily opt for much advanced licence categories like CAT C1 licence and CAT C1+E licence for towing trailers.

Our students have always passed their tests with a great score and are well prepared for answering all the technical questions asked by the examiner. We are often right about our predictions about various test routes that you are asked to drive on during your assessment.

  • We teach you various reversing and parking techniques that you can apply for a more efficient performance
  • We enhance your driving skills by giving your practical demonstrations as many times as you need
  • We give you the road confidence that you need in order to operate a heavier vehicle than an ordinary car

Other Licence options with our HGV Training

We provide you with a number of options for your HGV training in terms of various categories of licences below:

CAT C1 Licence
This category of licence allows you to drive vehicles ranging between 3500 kg to 7500 kg without any trailer. For instance, delivery vans etc.
CAT C1+E Licence
This category allows you to drive vehicles between 3500 kg to 7500 kg along with a trailer of 750 kg.
CAT C+E Licence
This category is for the heaviest vehicle on the road along with a trailer of 750 kg. For instance, fleet trucks.

For high quality HGV training, get in touch with us. We boast a high pass rate and a strong reputation for producing the best drivers in the country.

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