CAT C1 Licence – For vehicles ranging from 3500kg to 7500kg with trailers under 750 kg

Because of the special handling of a larger vehicle you are required by law to acquire HGV training and pass your assessment for a CAT C1 licence. There are various types of licence categories for different types of Lorries and trucks. The CAT C1 licence is for driving vehicles starting from 3500 kg till 7500 kg. Your CAT C1 licence can allow you to drive vehicles such as paramedic vehicles for NHS and delivery vans.

New Wave Driving School ensures your positive assessment results after an extensive driver training where you are taught under special circumstances and given individual attention each time you train for something new and important.

CAT C1 licence

“New Wave Driving School helped me train for my CAT C licence and pass without a problem. They make the whole process simple and easy. Thank you!”

Requirements for the CAT C1 Licence

There aren’t any extremely strict requirements to be eligible for a CAT C1 licence after the training. The most important part is that you need to be physically fit to operate a heavier vehicle so you are required to go through some simple medical tests. After your medical tests are cleared you are asked to fill in some important forms and documentation for your licence. You need to know that to apply for any HGV licence you have to be at least 18 years of age.

The final step is to pass your HGV theory and practical test through which your examiner will hold a final verdict about your skills.

What is your CAT C1 Licence going to get you?

Blue light and emergency response driving courses with New Wave enable you to gain a qualification which will give you the credentials needed to work as an ambulance driver. The courses are formed around the future of driving training legislation, these will give you the codes of practice of the Joint Emergency Service High Speed Driver Training Advisory Group.

1. HSDT1 demonstrate basic driving skills

2. HSDT2 prepare and drive vehicles at high speed

3. HSDT3 drive vehicle at high speed on motorways and multi-lane carriageways

4. HSDT4 undertake an emergency response using a vehicle

5. HSDT5 avoid skids when using an emergency vehicle

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Other Licence options with our HGV Training

We provide you with a number of options for your HGV training in terms of various categories of licences below:

CAT C Licence
The CAT C Licence allows drivers to operate heavy rigid body box trucks, bin lorries, tipper trucks and articulated lorries. This is the most widely held LGV license.
CAT C1+E Licence
This category allows you to drive vehicles between 3500 kg to 7500 kg along with a trailer of 750 kg.
CAT C+E Licence
This category is for the heaviest vehicle on the road along with a trailer of 750 kg. For instance, fleet trucks.

For high quality HGV training, get in touch with us. We boast a high pass rate and a strong reputation for producing the best drivers in the country.

Why Choose New Wave Driving School for CAT C1 Licence Training

We at the New Wave Driving School always focus on providing all of our students with high quality and comprehensive training which guarantees a positive result of your final test. One huge part of our training is to make your tests and future jobs easier.

Our training course whether it be for a CAT C licence for LGV driving or CAT C1+E for trucks with trailers, fulfils the purpose of your nourished present and a bright future ahead. We prepare you to an extent where we give you ideas about your possible test routes and possible questions from the other party that you’ll have to answer.

Category C1 Licence

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