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HGV ADR Training (Transport Hazardous Goods)

ADR Certificate Allow You to Transport Hazardous and Dangerous Loads

ADR Certificate Allow You to Transport Hazardous and Dangerous Loads

 HGV ADR Training

This course will allow you to transport hazardous and dangerous loads. A vehicle with tanks and certain tank components, and some drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in packages, must hold an ADR certificate.

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  • Core, Packages, Tankers
  • Class 2 (Gasses)
  • Class 3 (Flammable Liquids)
  • Class 4 (Flammable Solids)
  • Class 5 (Oxidising Agents)
  • Class 6 (Toxics)
  • Class 8 (Corrosives)
  • Class 9 (Miscellaneous)

Frequently Asked Questions

ADR refers to the European legislation governing the transportation of dangerous or hazardous goods. Only drivers holding the required ADR entitlement are allowed to transport these loads.

Our ADR course includes the most commonly used commercial loads. We don’t include explosives or radioactive as they are highly specialised and not in high demand
Yes, this course will count for up to 28 hours.
The course is classroom based and is held over 5 days. Upon completion and passing the exams you will be awarded a Driver Training Certificate.
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Finance your training from 0% interest with our
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