Pass Protection for DVSA Tests

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Pass Protection for DVSA Tests

Pass Protection for DVSA Tests

Pass Protection for DVSA Tests

Pass Protection

You’re a good driver, right? Perhaps you have driven for a long time, got many thousands of miles under your belt. You may even drive for a living now. How hard will it be to pass the practical test?
We provide the pass protection option to offer 4 hours additional training, retest fee and use of our vehicle for 1 practical failure whether it be module 3, 4 or C+E.

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Over the years hundreds of people have trained with us and gone on to pass their tests but whilst we enjoy industry leading pass rates unfortunately people do fail which can lead to expensive retests. The DVSA retest fee is £115 but on top of that you must factor in the costs of providing a suitable vehicle, fuel and insurance costs as well as the cost of taking the vehicle to and from the test centre. If the failure was because of a specific driving issue, then additional training time should be considered.

Just like a car test, with the HGV and PCV tests you are allowed a certain number of minor faults. In theory up to 15 and these can typically be for things like not checking mirrors at the right time, undue hesitation or not making sufficient progress. 15 sounds a lot but if you make the same minor error multiple times it will be turned into a serious fault and that is not good news.

1 serious fault will result in failure and 1 dangerous fault may result in the examiner halting the test and relieving you of control of the vehicle on safety grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer these questions honestly

* Have you ever slowed down for a speed camera then accelerated again after passing it?

* Have you ever forgotten to signal left before exiting a roundabout?

* Have you ever pulled away from the kerb without fully checking the blind spots?

* Have you ever accelerated towards traffic lights while they are green to get through before they change to red?

* Have you ever pulled out onto a roundabout or junction causing vehicles to slow down for you?

These are all examples of very common bad habits and minor faults that people perform daily that could all lead to failing your test. Pass Protection offers that second chance to retake the test with additional training.

We offer a free retest for both the theory and hazard perception tests. This is just for practical elements.
Yes, we can offer it for £899 to provide 3 opportunities to pass.

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Our courses are classified and are famous for a complete HGV training experience. We start with the slightest of details and finish off when you have become an expert HGV driver.