HGV Training

Qualify for a CAT C & CAT C+E Licence with our extensive HGV Training Course

If you want to be welcomed to an industry where there is growth, revolution and thrill all at the same time then you should opt to make a career in the freight department. Tons of LGV & HGV jobs are a proof that the industry is facing shortage of drivers to meet the demand. This is a golden time to start with your HGV training for an instant HGV job offer.

As much as the logistics industry invites drivers with attractive LGV & HGV job offers, they require the drivers to be professionally trained and skilled in their work. Our instructors guarantee a 90% first time pass rate in LGV & HGV licence tests and no mistake policy in the rest of the career.

HGV Training

“New Wave Driving School helped me train for my HGV licence and pass without a problem. They make the whole process simple and easy. Thank you!”

How our HGV Training benefits you?

If you acquire HGV training and hold a HGV licence in hand then you will be welcomed in every industry and organisation around the country. Warehouses all across the UK cannot function without the help from the transport industry. Many manufacturing industries would stop producing goods without the availability of skilled HGV drivers.

Our HGV training opens vast career opportunities for you with various HGV jobs that pays up to £32,000 per annum with incentives and bonuses aside. You can easily find yourself making way towards promotions and growth in this particular industry.

What’s included in our HGV Training?

Our courses are classified and are famous for a complete HGV training experience. We start with the slightest of details and finish off when you have become an expert HGV driver. Our HGV training consists of flexible hours so you can choose best suited slots for you. With us you will be learning many things that other schools don’t focus on teaching, for instance, coupling and decoupling of the trailer with the vehicle and minor technical issues that you can easily fix in the vehicle by yourself.

Our previous students have reached the heights of success starting off with the HGV training that we provided them. We teach you theory of the HGV training and the practical aspect of it as well to make sure you are well informed for your assessment.

Licence Options with our HGV Training

We provide you with a number of options for your HGV training in terms of various categories of licences below:

This Cat C1 licence allows you to drive vehicles ranging between 3500 kg to 7500 kg without any trailer. For instance, delivery vans etc.
This category allows you to drive vehicles between 3500 kg to 7500 kg along with a trailer of 750 kg.
Cat C licence qualifies you to drive LGV such as Lorries and tipper trucks.
This category is for the heaviest vehicle on the road along with a trailer of 750 kg. For instance, fleet trucks.

For high quality HGV training, get in touch with us. We boast a high pass rate and a strong reputation for producing the best drivers in the country.

HGV Training

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