LGV CAT C Practical Training & Test inc Module 4 CPC

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LGV CAT C Practical Training & Test + Module 4 CPC

The Complete Practical Course For Cat C LGV

The Complete Practical Course For Cat C LGV

CAT C Licence- HGV Training

You must have successfully completed Modules 1 to undertake Module 3, the practical driving test and you must have completed Module 2 to complete Module 4.

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All appointments are booked for you and you will have full tutor support as well as unlimited access to our state-of-the-art learning materials.

The course comprises a mixture of theory and practical training

  • Medical Test
  • DVLA Forms
  • Full driver training covered over 5 days
  • Module 3 DSA test
  • Module 4 Training and DSA test
  • All Appointments Booked For You
  • Job Toolkit including CV help, interview tips and introductions to employers

Complete Your LGV CAT C Practical Training & Test in 2 Easy Steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must pass module 1 before you take module 3 and you must pass module 2 before you take module 4. In other words, the theory test must be passed before the practical part. However, modules 1 and 2 (theory) can be taken in either order, as can modules 3 and 4 (practical).

We strongly recommend you do the Module 1 and 2 together, then Module 3 and 4.

We will contact you shortly after you complete each module to get your results and we will get working on arranging any retests you need. You cannot start the practical training until you have passed your theory so we will help you assess what went wrong and rebook you for a retest should you fail the theory.

If you have passed the mock test online before taking your theory, we will arrange a FREE retest for you. If you haven’t passed the mock test online, contact our team and we will advise you of the next stages and advise you if any further charges apply.

Once you have passed you will be ready to start practical training. Once we have confirmation of your test pass we will book your training.
We will contact you shortly after you complete your training and test to get your results. With the inclusion of pass protection you will be able to obtain additional training and have 1 retest of any practical element should you fail.
Once you have received confirmation from the examiner that you have passed you will need to contact the DVLA again to have your provisional licence upgraded to a full licence. The examiner will explain this to you. If you have further modules booked, remember that you need your licence to attend these so be careful before sending off the licence to the DVLA. It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to have it returned.
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Finance your training from 0% interest with our
Guaranteed Acceptance Payment Plan
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Our courses are classified and are famous for a complete HGV training experience. We start with the slightest of details and finish off when you have become an expert HGV driver.

*Should you commence any aspect of your training including attending for medical examination or downloading the digital content we supply to you this will negate the refund clause.