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LGV Training Manchester – Want to Learn to Drive a Lorry? Great Paying Jobs Available!

HGV and LGV Training Manchester

Are you wishing to pursue a great career as a bus or lorry driver in the UK? Have you been trying to sift through all of the licensing requirements with no success? We can help, welcome to New Wave Driving School. We are a leading national driving training institutions with a long running experience in the industry. We provide tailored HGV and LGV training to our trainees to equip them with necessary skills needed in advancing their careers. Our HGV/LGV training courses in Manchester are highly recommended and we pride ourselves in being part of the movement to improve the transport industry.

Our HGV/LGV training is offered by industry leading instructors who are Department of Transport (DVSA)-registered. Most of your instructors are former truckers with deep insight on licensing requirements. We work closely with the trainee to help them through the licensing process. Our instructors are up-to-date with any licensing requirement updates to ensure trainees receive the relevant HGV/LGV training.

Licence Category

Our HGV and LGV training Manchester courses will help trainees to test for and attain the following licences:

  1. Category B+E licence: We provide training to allow drivers to drive vehicles with trailers of 750kgs and below.
  2. LGV category C1 licence: If you want to drive larger vans more effectively and safely, we provide training to allow you to obtain the category C1 licence for larger vehicles of up to 7.5 tonnes.
  3. LGV Category C1 + E licence: This licence allows drivers to handle vehicles of up to 7.5 tonnes plus a trailer and it is an important part of our LGV training Manchester courses.
  4. LGV Category C licence: Our instructors are well placed to help aspiring lorry drivers obtain the required Cat C licence. Our HGV Class 2 training equips lorry drivers with skills necessary to drive rigid vehicles of up to 32 tonnes. This is the most popular HGV licence in the UK as lorry drivers are highly in demand in all industries.
  5. HGV Category C + E licence: Commonly referred to as Class 1 or artic licence, if you are looking to drive the largest vehicles on UK roads then you need to invest in the Category C + E licence training. We offer highly specialized training for drivers who want to handle the largest vehicles in the HGV industry.

To enrol for LGV training Manchester courses, you must be:

  1. 18 years or older
  2. A category B car licence holder (UK or EU)
  3. Approved through a short medical assessment (we will arrange a medical for you at no extra cost)

Give us a call or visit our centre for more details as we work to enhance your driving career.

LGV Training Manchester
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