If you want a career in the transportation industry, becoming a Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) driver is one great option. Thousands of people every day take a bus or a coach to travel domestic or sometimes international. We offer our students a chance to approach this career with full experience and skill through our PCV bus driver training. However there are a few requirements for you to be able to drive a bus or a coach.

Licence & Requirements

To qualify for your test for a PCV bus driver , you must undergo our CAT D licence training or CPC training (certificate of professional competence) so that you are able to clear your test in the first attempt with great remarks. Our PCV training includes every single thing that you need in order to become an authorised bus driver in the UK. Apart from this, you must be at least 18 years of age to enrol in CAT D licence training and should hold a CAT B licence beforehand. Another important requirement is for you to be physically fit to drive a PCV bus or a coach. You will undergo complete medical assessment to get your hands on the CAT D licence.

Overview of CAT D licence Training

None of our students have ever been disappointed by the quality of the training that we provide them. Our PCV bus driver training is a complete learning experience where we teach you the theoretical and practical side of driving a PCV bus. We teach you:

  • The rules and regulations of the road
  • The maintenance and general fixtures of the vehicle
  • Customer service
  • Everything about the safety of yourself, the passengers and other people sharing the road with you
  • Risk management and far sightedness

Our PCV bud driver training is a great way to learn sitting in the vehicle that you will be driving. We make sure to take you out in the field and give you enough exposure so that you can easily start your bus driving jobs.

Where can you get the funds for the PCV bus driver Training?

The idea behind our CAT D license is to give our students a skill that they can cash at any moment in their lives. To make things easier for our students, we have a 0% interest rate loan option with which you can train today and pay later at your ease.