The prime purpose of LGV & HGV Licence Training is to bring about the best in people while they are on the road. Once you are done training for your CAT C licence (Class 2), CAT C1 licence and CAT C+E (Class 1), your instructor will notify you that you are ready to go for a practical which is the last module of the driving test. Driving a HGV demands concentration, planning and professional skills to carry out the HGV jobs efficiently.

The question is why a professional LGV & HGV Driver Licence Training is important and mandatory to pass the test? Here are some tips, and how professional training helps you during your practical test.

  • You are taught the basic skills such as, checking all your controls are in the right condition, adjusting the mirrors according to your convenience and putting on a seat belt. These small things can make a good impression on the person assessing you.
  • You are encouraged to have a good night’s sleep, proper diet and rest keeping your fitness routine in mind before the test day to keep yourself active and productive.
  • Professional LGV HGV training helps you with deciding what attire is most proficient and comfortable for you while driving a HGV lorry. You won’t be able to do your best if you are not comfortable enough to concentrate on your driving during the test.
  • Ideas to increase your concentration levels are encouraged during training, for example switching off your mobile phone and other distracting devices.
  • Because of professional training and driving practice you should keep in mind the rules and regulations you are supposed to follow whilst on the road. Following the speed limits and knowing your lanes, etc.
  • During the training, you are taught to always plan beforehand about whatever you are going to do. Heavy vehicles always take time while stopping so you need to keep an eye on the road at all times to plan your stops and parking spots. Not to forget the pressure breaks that you just can’t pull all of a sudden causing havoc among the people assessing you during your test.
  • Another pointer is to get familiar with the local test area so you can predict your test routes to a certain extent.
  • Make sure to use handrails and always face forward while getting on and off the vehicle, which you will become an expert at during the training. Always maintain three points of contact whilst entering and exiting the lorry.
  • The driving skills you learn during your LGV/HGV training help you in passing the test. You will be an expert at reversing, accelerating and parking the vehicle in all aspects.


Remember even if you make a mistake; just get on with the next thing instead of dwelling about what has happened. Move on and focus on getting the other things right. With a combination of good training and your polished driving skills you are set to clear the test and obtain your HGV licence in no time.