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Forklift Training London – Learn to drive a Forklift? Great Paying Jobs Available!

Forklift Training

If you wish to become a forklift driver, we are a licenced forklift training institution offering the same. We also encourage employers to ensure that all employees operating heavy trucks are properly trained. Fork lifting is a complex operation and therefore requires the operator to have the knowledge so that he/she drives these trucks safely.

Benefits of forklift training

These machines are by nature very powerful and heavy and could be dangerous if operated by an unskilled person. A trained operator ensures that the forklifts are used safely and for the tasks they were designed for. Additionally, their productivity is high because they can cautiously move the forklifts at a much faster speed.

Developing a forklift training London, program

We develop custom made forklift training programs for our clients with reference to their truck type and the workplace hazard associated with it. It is important to confirm that what you have signed to train on is relevant to the working environment that you will operate from.

The training assesses three areas of understanding to fully ascertain that an operator is competent. These three areas are:

  • Theory

Theoretical forklift training evaluates how well the operator understands how the trucks are designed and their specific tasks.

  • Practical

Practical evaluation seeks to know how well the operator can actualize the theory knowledge when in control of the truck. A successful operator should be able to maneuver the forklift even in confined spaces without causing accidents. Another practical aspect assessed is how safely the operator can handle cargo while stacking and un-stacking. Balancing an overly loaded forklift or an empty one is also an area that is assessed.

  • Safety aspect

Operating a forklift can be a dangerous and sometimes accidents do happen. Training on the safety aspect of the forklifts equips the driver with the skills to operate these machines with utmost care.

Obtaining a Forklift Training Licence

If an operator passes these three areas of forklift training, then they qualify to hold a license for operation. This license proves that a forklift driver has been proven to be competent to operate this machine safely. We also offer refresher training courses for operators should the need for it arise.

Forklift Training
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