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PCV Licence

If you aspire to be a bus driver in the UK, you’ll need to obtain a PCV licence. We will help you prepare for and obtain your licence.

PCV licence categories

There are various licence categories under PCV. These licences allow you to operate different types of vehicles. It is important to determine the type of vehicles you hope to operate in future in order to choose the right training and license category for you.

1. Category D1

This licence is suitable for those who hope to operate minibuses. The license allows you to drive minibuses no larger than the 17-seater capacity. This is the lowest category for PCV licences.

1. Category D1 + E

This licence allows you to operate minibuses with 17-seater capacity or less. You can, however, operate a minibus that has a trailer in tow. This is a beneficial license for those who drive full minibuses carrying passengers with their luggage in tow in a trailer.

The licence is only available to those who have already obtained a Category D1 license. The Category D1 + E is simply added to your Category D1 licence. You can operate a minibus with a trailer of 750kgs or more.

1. Category D

This licence is available for those who aspire to be coach or bus drivers. The license allows you to drive coaches and buses whether they are double-decker, single-decker buses.

Requirements for PCV Licence

In order to obtain a PCV licence, you must fulfil the following requirements:

1. You must be 17 years or older.
2. You must already have obtained a Category B licence.
3. You must have passed a PCV medical test carried out by a GP. One of our GP’s will assist you with this.
4. You must obtain a PCV provisional licence. We will send you the D2 provisional licence form and help you fill it out correctly.
5. You must pass the PCV test.

We offer high-quality training to help you prepare for the PCV licence test. Our training will help you obtain the necessary skills and understanding of theory required to not only pass the test, but also become a professional driver.

So, if you are looking for a PCV licence don’t hesitate to contact us. Start your new career here, with New Wave Driving School London to gain a license. Fill in the form on this page to get started.

PCV Licence
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