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PCV Training London – Want to Learn to Drive a Bus? Great Paying Jobs Available!

Join London’s Best PCV Training Centre

Why are we the best PCV training centre in London? Because we pay attention to every element of your PCV training and get positive results for you and your career. When you register with us we make sure you have a clear understanding of the course and it’s structure. You’ll need the skills you pick up for work whilst training as a bus or coach driver as the job is very demanding due to the level of responsibility you’ll be taking to transport the public around London.

Becoming a professional bus driver and qualifying as a PCV licence holder is a great achievement, you’ll be able to drive all types of buses, coaches, minibuses and limousines. If you are interested in obtaining a PCV licence you’ll need all the help you can get in preparing for the test. We offer high-quality PCV training to help prepare you for the bus licence test. Remember you can now take your test in an automatic bus or coach and still receive a full manual licence making the PCV practical driving test less difficult.

PCV Training Courses

Our courses are offered to those who aspire to drive minibuses, buses and coaches. We offer a wide range of courses covering each category of bus licences. Our training courses include:

  • Bus training

Do you aspire to be a bus or coach driver? Then this course was designed for you. This course will enable you to obtain the skills and basic theory required to pass the PCV Category D bus licence test. You will obtain the skills necessary to safely operate any bus or coach.

We are your professional training provider for bus training in London, our expertise with PCV licence requirements is vast as we also work with a number of bus operators across London and assist in their hiring needs. This means we can source the job interviews you will need once you have successfully passed your bus practical test and Driver CPC tests.

  • Minibus training

Do you want to be a minibus driver? This course is designed for those who want to learn how to safely drive minibuses with a seating capacity of 17 or less. The course is designed to help you learn the theory and skills necessary for preparing for the PCV Category D1 licence test. We’ll help set you on the path to a career as a professional minibus driver.

We are one of the leading D1 course providers in the London area. Our fleet of dedicated D1 minibuses is perfect for training prospective drivers who are interested in pursuing a minibus licence as a career or for private use.

Bus or Minibus? 

Deciding on which PCV licence is best depends on what your goals are once you have qualified as a bus or minibus driver. Usually we find that most of our trainees wish to pursue a career which equips them with  the a secure job and excellent benefits.

Bus Driving Job Benefits

  1. PCV licence holders enjoy excellent rates of pay
  2. Future BTEC qualifications for further training and development
  3. Free travel on all London Buses / Underground and DLR
  4. Pension scheme
  5. Uniform

Minibus Driving Job Benefits

  1. Independence as a driver
  2. Lots of self employment opportunities available
  3. Excellent rates of pay especially with school run contracts
  4. Flexible hours
  5. 100’s of jobs available
  • Minibus plus trailer training

Do you already have a PCV Category D1 licence? Do you need to drive a minibus with a trailer? Sign up for our minibus plus trailer training course. This course will help you learn the skills necessary for driving a minibus with a trailer of 750 Kgs or more in tow.

What you get with PCV training

Our driving school courses are designed to produce responsible drivers who are concerned about safety. We will help set you on the path to a professional career as a bus driver with our high-quality training. Our training includes:

1. How we help with your Module 1 Theory training 

We’ll help you understand the theory necessary to pass the PCV theory test. We’ll also equip you with knowledge to improve your skills in general safety and driving while on the job.

Click HERE for theory training materials

2. Practical skills you learn when learning to drive with us

Our practical demonstrations and driving skills lessons will help you develop the physical and mental skills required for safe driving. We’ll help ensure that you can demonstrate that you’re capable of handling a bus during the PCV licence test.

PCV Training
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