Going freelance and being a boss of your own is very normal and frequent thing in the HGV industry. Once you enrol yourself for LGV driver training and get your hands on your CAT C or CAT C+E license you will be free to find a job or choose to work as a self-employed HGV driver where you will be the boss and the HGV driver both.

However, there are a few steps you’ll have to go through to set up your own business. Some of the important steps are as below:

STEP 1 – Find an accountant and get professional help wherever you need it

You can’t efficiently do two jobs at a time. You will need to concentrate on your HGV driving instead of sorting out taxes and making calculations every day. In these circumstances, you will need to hire an accountant who can take care of everything while you focus on your work.

Ask other freelance HGV drivers around for a recommendation of a good accountant. Accountants usually charge £100-£300 per year. Nothing that you can’t spare to completely target your driving goals.

STEP 2 – Register your business and open a bank account

After you have hired an accountant and have all the paperwork in order you will need to register a company for yourself. With an online company registration system and a minimal registration fee (approximately £15) it has become much easier to register your own limited company from home.

You can always approach your accountant for help with your company registration as well. After your company has been registered you can go ahead and open a bank account for yourself on your company registration number so you can easily send and receive business payments through that specific account.

STEP 3 – Get organised, promote your business and sell your services

During your LGV training you are taught to organise your business and your paperwork so in the time of need you have everything in order. You can now start buying tech gadgets you need for a safer drive and client interaction, or you can start buying office supplies to keep your paperwork organised.

After all the organisation and registration here comes the most important step which is to make you known as a self-employed HGV driver ready to work and build a relationship with other transport companies and employers. With a professional HGV driver training you will be providing a first-grade service to whoever you do business with making them come back to you repeatedly.

HGV jobs can be a little too much for some people especially people who do not like to be under any obligation from anyone, self-employment in this industry works best for them. The flexibility and security it offers has no comparison whatsoever.